Saturday, January 16, 2016

Starting Fresh

It's a new year and a renewed outlook for the shop. After careful consideration we decided to downsize the shop into 1/2 the space! It was nerve wracking at first but after all was said and done we couldn't figure out why we hadn't made the move sooner. 

It was a bit cozy with all of the holiday decor, tree, and the abundance of product we ordered to supply all of our holiday shoppers. The scale feels right and I don't feel like I'm bouncing back and forth with an awkward layout, nor do I feel that so much space is being wasted. 

We will have to be much more thoughtful with our ordering and furniture pieces we bring in. 

I had a shipment of clocks arrive and I realized how much less wall space we have to work with. I will cram them in somewhere...or take one home if I can't quite make it work! 

It is time to start planning for spring. We are at the halfway point, winter will be slowly working it's way out and longer days and a bit warmer (and in our neck of the woods, wetter) weather is ahead. Most retail shops order spring in the fall! We are always behind the times and tend to rush things at the last minute. Sometimes it takes me that long to decide what type of items we want to bring in. Between planning our Chalk Paint® workshops, redressing the shop, and projects at home, it's difficult to think that far ahead. But it sneaks up on you and before you know it there are bunnies, chicks, and flowers abundant. Can't wait to see what the new season will bring! 

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