Monday, February 8, 2016

Baking Bread & A Day Off

I had a day ACTUAL day off. I had a few errands to run in the morning and once those were out of the way I found myself with free time. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a MILLION things I should have been working on the pile of furniture that has collected in my dining room, starting on the chair upholstery that I've been successfully avoiding, or any number of things around the house. I just couldn't bring myself to do ANY of those things! I had most of the day free so I figured I'd bake some bread and finish up my book that has taken me an unusually long time to read. I put on the hot water and got started on the bread dough. 

This recipe is one my mom makes at least twice a week. 
I've made both the first step and the second step but never completed both on my own.

 It was a struggle to remember exactly what to do! I wasn't sure my mixer could handle it and my husband was using my larger bowl to marinade kimchi, but I made due. 
I made a few calls to my mom during the process but managed 2 fairly good loaves. 

They aren't perfect by any means, 
but slathered with butter and freezer jam, I cannot complain! 

I also was able to finish my book and enjoy a pot of tea while the dough was rising. I got this great blue and cream teapot tray in Germany. 

I discovered a tea shop that was ALL blue and white! 
I believe I picked up the darling little silver plate tea spoon at the same shop. 

The cup and saucer were also purchased in Germany at a sweet little gift shop in Rothenberg. 
It was so nice to take some time and unwind a bit. Unfortunately that pile of furniture is still there waiting for me...

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