Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ready for Spring

I usually enjoy the cold weather and rainy winters in the Pacific North West. Warm sweaters, boots, and evenings spent by a fire are much more my forte than shorts and flip flops. This year I cannot wait for spring to get here. Not that the rain lets up much
...but I find myself longing for a bump up in temperature, flowers to bloom and for the trees to regain their greenery. I also really enjoy decorating for spring in the shop and at home. 

It always feels so blah after the holidays and it's such an awkward transition for the store. We don't do much specific for Valentine's Day so I often find a lack of inspiring ideas to style the shop. 

So I'm going to jump ahead and start working on some pieces that speak of spring. 

This funky little table with Le Lapin detail...

 a great occasional chair with crisp white and a pop of yellow in the details (more on that chair in the before and after series), and an some fun projects for our upcoming workshops. Only ...31 days to go!

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